Q: I’ve been married for 25 years. Most of that time my husband and i focused on raising our children. Our conversations revolved around them. Now that the children have moved out, my husband and I feel like strangers to each other. We often fight and argue over almost everything. How can you help me?


A: If you put the children before your marriage, you are looking for issues. For men more so than women, they want to know they are #1 in your life. If they feel anything less, you will have a cold, distant and argumentative man.


For many couples once they have children, their identity changes from lovers to mum and dad. They tend to forget they were lovers before and to return to that. If you don’t have a love affair with your partner, then somebody else will.


The main reasons couples argue is because they don’t feel as if they matter. We all want to matter and the thinking is, I’d rather matter to you in a positive way, yet rather than not matter at all; I’m going to matter in a negative way, so hence arguments happen or they have an affair, etc. 


There are a whole lot of things you both can and need to do which I cover in my workshops, to get you happily connected and in love with each other again.

Q: My husband is very controlling. He looks after our finances and even what I wear when we go out. What do you recommend? 


A: Men like taking charge. It gives them a sense of control and fills up their ego.   


Yet with controlling you or another person, there are only two things we really ever have complete control over and they are - what things mean and what will we do. 


Money in relationships is seldom an issue when seen as "our" money. When seen as our money and proper discussion takes place, there is no control. 


If he is controlling what you wear when going out, he is trying to mould you into what he wants, destroying the very things why he fell in love with you. You will end up losing sense of yourself and once he has moulded you into what he wants, he'll get rid of you and find someone else to mould, so you might as well stay true to yourself. To stop this manipulative behaviour, I teach you communication skills.

Q: My partner had an affair. I’m having a hard time dealing with it. What can I do? 


A: The reason why a person falls in love is because of the way they feel about themselves when with the other person, and when they stop feeling good, they’ll go searching for someone else who does make them feel good. Some men go from woman to woman because they get bored very easily. 


My programs teach you how to have your partner head over heels in love with you, stay in love and keep your relationship interesting and exciting. 


I also provide therapy for people who have been cheated on where they literally let go of negative emotions and results are more often than not fast, effective and permanent.

Q: I split up from my husband recently even though we still love each other. I have ADHD and he is bi-polar yet he doesn’t want help. What am I to do? 


A: I can help you with the ADHD, with certain therapy techniques.. I can also help your husband if he was willing. Since he is not wanting help and having bi-polar, he will never fully or permanently be present in your relationship as a husband and will continue to use the bi-polar as an excuse.


If he were to step up and take responsibility for his own wellbeing, there may be a chance to render the relationship. As he is, you are better off apart. He may need to hit rock bottom for him to change.

Q: My partner and I are totally different. We love each other even though we drive each other crazy at times. We want more stability. What can we do? 


A: The old phrase, opposites attract has meaning here. I’m not talking about your religious or political beliefs. I’m talking about your basic temperaments. If you are messy, your partner is probably a neat freak. If you are spontaneous, your partner is cautious and a planner. The reason for this is to create a complete picture. 


Plus there are the fundamental differences between men and women. Women feel, men think. Women are psychological, men are visual. Men prefer to make love in the morning, women at night, etc. The trick is to know and understand these differences and then not to take them personally and preferably to learn to love, respect and appreciate your differences.

Q: My son is having major issues in his marriage. I don’t know what advice to give him. Any suggestions? 


A: The most healthy and well-adjusted children come from a home where mum and dad love each other. Children learn about relationships from their parents. What I suggest is for you to first go through my workshop, to enhance your own relationship, and from there you will have the knowledge and experience to advise your son more correctly. Also, as a Graduate of my program, you receive 12 months phone and email support plus Exclusive lifelong Membership to our Private Facebook Group where you can share, learn, grow, discuss and ask for advice and support on any relationship challenges you have, to myself or other Graduates of the program.

Q: What makes you different from a Counselor, Psychologist or other Relationship Coaches?


A: First, let's start with what a counselor does. You go to a counselor because you have a problem in your relationship that you could not resolve. The counselor will delve deep into your past, and help you find the core reasons and either make you aware hoping the awareness is enough for you to change. They think understanding creates change.


Second, a Psychologist will look at you as if you have a mental illness and put you on medication for anxiety, depression etc whilst also delving deep into your past.


What I do is have you go through my coaching program where you get down to earth information, on a weekly basis and homework given at the end of each lesson. If you find your relationship is too strained to follow through with the homework, I offer during the time of going through of the program, free group therapy sessions as well as Q&A sessions, and upon Graduation, lifetime support and a host of other benefits. I provide a full and complete relationship package. I teach people how easy it is to fall in love, stay in love and prevent divorce.

Q: What are the deal breakers in relationships? 


A: With all things being equal, there are only 2 things that cannot be resolved in relationships through compromise and they are religion and children. 


If one person is very adamant about their religion and so is the other and they clash, there is nothing that can be done.


The other is when one partner wants children and the other doesn't.

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